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An internship with Digi will provide you with the opportunity to become an integral part of a business team. Forget about a summer full of making copies and filing. Our interns have the chance to learn and grow while making a real contribution to the company!

As an intern you will have many advantages. To name just a few…

  • Opportunity to gain valuable new skills and work experience in your area of study.
  • You will work on projects appropriate to your educational and skills level. As your skills and abilities grow, so will your projects!
  • Our interns attend in-house training seminars on a variety of topics, both techie and non-techie.
  • To help validate your internship experience, you will be asked to prepare a final presentation at the conclusion of your internship. Don't worry, it is not a scary as it sounds. Just think of this as another opportunity to sell your skills!
  • Flexible work schedules that accommodate class schedules.
  • Competitive pay
  • Supportive managers and mentors who will challenge your growth.
    • Each intern is assigned a manager and mentor.
    • Together with your manager, you will determine and mutually agree upon projects and goals. You will receive a mid-term & final evaluation reviewing performance and goal progress and discuss development activities. You will also have the opportunity to evaluate your experience with Digi and provide feedback to us.
    • Your mentor will be a seasoned member of the department and will show you the ropes so to speak. S/he will provide guidance as needed, answer questions and generally becomes an invaluable resource during your time with Digi.

All work and no play makes a student very dull!
While you are busy being industrious, we want you to have fun too! Various social activities are planned specifically for our interns throughout the course of the summer including group recreational events, department lunches and perhaps a cruise on the infamous Lake Minnetonka.

To be eligible to participate and remain in the Intern Program, you must be a student at a post secondary educational institution and have good academic standing (transcripts will be required). Internships are generally 3 months but no longer than 6 months.

If you are interested in an internship opportunity email your resume to us. Please note in the subject line the area in which are you are interested (i.e. marketing internship).

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