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Google’s Amy and Kim Discuss The Data Sensing Lab

“We have an XBee radio on each of the shields and it’s communicating over a ZigBee protocol. This network was setup by Digi International…Each sensor mote is sending its readings every 20 seconds to the gateways which are going to Device Cloud by Etherios, and is then sent to The Google Cloud Platform

-Kim Cameron

In this presentation from Google I/O, Amy Unruh and Kim Cameron give an in-depth look into how data was collected from The Sensing Lab. Learn how the Google Cloud Platform team was able to collect, process, and transform all of the information collected by the Data Sensing Lab’s 500 sensor motes.



The Data Sensing Lab at Google I/O: A Look Into The Experience

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The Data Sensing Lab is in full swing at Google I/O– 500 XBees are sending sensor data to Device Cloud by Etherios via a mesh network. Over the last couple of days, we’ve enjoyed meeting everyone at the conference and collecting environmental data that’s turned out to be very telling of the experiences attendees are sharing. Here’s a look at Google I/O and even a sneak peak of the data that’s traveling from the Device Cloud API to Google’s BigQuery.

Below you’ll see attendees and Googlers alike appreciating the awe and scale of the Data Sensing Lab. You’ll also see Michael Manoochehri, Developer Programs Engineer of Google, sharing the visualizations.

You can learn about the Data Sensing Lab at Google I/O here. Other questions? Ask us anything on Twitter.

Digi Deploys 500-Node Internet of Things Network for the Data Sensing Lab at Google I/O

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It’s an exciting week as we are taking part in deploying over 500 sensor motes at Google’s developer conference, Google I/O, May 15-17. The network will make up the Data Sensing Lab, a project that utilizes Digi’s XBee ZigBee modules and ConnectPort wireless gateways. The sensor data will be collected and managed by Device Cloud. The project demonstrates how real-time machine-to-machine data can provide insight into customer behaviors and preferences.

The senor network will provide more than 4,000 data streams running over Device Cloud with continuous updates on temperature, pressure, light, air quality, motion and noise levels in San Francisco’s Moscone Center during the conference. The Google Cloud Platform team will gather, transform, and analyze the information, then share heat maps and other data visualizations in collaboration with the Google Maps team.

“Google is getting a global view of their entire multi-million dollar event, as it plays out in real time. They’re learning where people are going and when, how loud the applause is for each presentation, where it’s figuratively hot and where it’s literally cool,” Rob said. “But they’re also learning how easy it is to integrate Device Cloud’s APIs with their own cloud-based business systems. Google and Digi collaborated to create a complete end-to-end solution in just a few weeks, one that’s ready to hand us 40 million fascinating data points.”

The Data Sensing Lab crew, Alasdair Allan of Babilim Light Industries, Kipp Bradford of Kippworks, Rob Faludi of Digi International, Michael Manoochehri, Amy Unruh and Kim Cameron of Google and Julie Steele of O’Reilly Media, created the project to collect data to answer questions about the physical world in a fun and awe-inspiring way.

For more information about the software involved in this project, attend the “Behind the Data Sensing Lab” session on May 16, 5:20 – 6 p.m. PDT.  You can find live updates from the conference on Digi’s Machine Talk blogFacebookTwitter and Google+ and updates from the Data Sensing Lab team on Google+ and Twitter.

Read more about the Data Sensing Lab:

Google I/O sensors will detect motion and generate data for real-time visualization on Gigaom

At its conference, Google will be tracking your every step on Venture Beat

Data Sensing Lab at Google I/O 2013: Google Cloud Platform meets the Internet of Things on Google’s Developer Blog

Join Us: Live Panel with Device Security Experts

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Are your devices secure? Join us on Tuesday, May 21 at 2:30pm CST for a live device security panel with guest security experts. After this panel, you won’t need to wonder– you’ll know if your devices are secure.

There are over 100,000 unsecured devices on the Internet that any hacker can find-and tamper with. Some of these devices even include critical systems ranging from traffic lights to fuel pumps to building heating and cooling systems to retail point-of-sale devices. Don’t be one of the 100,000, learn from a panel of respected experts– from Device Clouds to protocols, we’ll cover security tips and suggestions. We’ll also open up the floor so you can ask your questions.

We’ll announce the expert panel here next week!

Watch live here on the Digi blog (live video to be added on May 21), or participate through Google+: http://bit.ly/securitypanel

Learn more about device security here | Contact us with your security questions here



Digi Mass Transit Control System at Embedded World 2013

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Control systems for a bus are simulated in this Digi mass transit demo using Intelligent System Framework-ready hardware from Portwell and Kontron based on the Intel® Atom™ processor and running the Android* OS.

One system displays the driver operator panel, and the second system provides passenger information such as bus stop locations, as well as static and video advertising sponsored by nearby businesses. A camera connected to the driver operator panel also provides a simulated view of the passenger area with recording options for additional passenger and personnel security purposes. The systems share data, such as current bus location, route and arrival information over the iDigi Device Cloud and show the delivery of mass transit passenger-oriented services via Intel mobile phones and tablets.

The Data Sensing Lab: Recap and Visualizations

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Last week, we took part in the Data Sensing Lab at O’Reilly Strata Conference. We even hung out with the Data Sensing Lab team live from Santa Clara where the conference hall had been equipped with XBees and a wireless sensor network.

Here’s where you can find more information and updates from the Sense Lab team: 

Do you have questions about the Data Sensing Lab? Let us know in the comments section below, on Google+ or Twitter.

Inside the Data Sensing Lab Live from O’Reilly Strata Conference

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Update: Recorded Hangout Now Available (below)

Live from O’Reilly’s Strata Conference in Santa Clara discussing the Data Sensing Lab with the team behind the project: Rob Faludi of Digi International, Julie Steel of O’Reilly Media and Alasdair Allan and Kipp Bradford, the authors of the new book, Distributed Network Data.


At O’Reilly’s Strata Conference last year, Digi International took part in instrumenting the entire conference with sensors and a mesh network to show real-time visualizations of the conference environment. We assembled a network of XBees to carry data gathered on the Arduino platform to the Internet via a ConnectPort X2e running the XBee Internet Gateway. The XIG automatically posted data to the iDigi Device Cloud, which pushed it to Amazon Web Services to a team of visualization experts. This year, we’re back at it with more sensors, more visualizations and new features. While this display is certainly interesting for attendees, we want to share the experience with those of you who cannot join us in Santa Clara for the actual event. That’s why we’ll be hosting an inside look, a Google+ Hangout On Air, live from this year’s Data Sensing Lab at O’Reilly’s Strata Conference.

Sensors are the future of distributed data. General-purpose computing is dissipating out into the environment and becoming increasingly invisible and embedded into our lives. We will soon begin to move in a sea of data, our movements tracked and our environments measured and adjusted to our preferences, without need for direct intervention.

Sound interesting? Join us on Wednesday, February 27 for a live Google+ Hangout On Air to get a inside look at all of the components of the Data Sensing Lab. See how it works from the people who created it– from software to data analysis and visualization. Also, learn about how you can build your own sensor network to collect, analyze and visualize real-time data about your environment.

You’ll hear from Alasdair Allan of Babilim Light Industries, Rob Faludi of Digi International, Kipp Bradford of Kippworks, Julie Steele of O’Reilly Media, Kim Rees and Andrew Winterman of Periscopic, the people behind the Data Sensing Lab.

Here’s everything you need to know to join us: 

What/Hangout Name: An Inside Look: The Data Sensing Lab at O’Reilly’s Strata Conference
When: Wednesday, February 27, 2012 at 3:00-4:00pm EST
Where: On Wednesday, February 27 we’ll live stream the event here on the iDigi Blog OR Take part in the action by joining through Google+

Add this online event to your calendar and come with questions in mind. You can ask questions by Tweeting to @XBeeWireless with the hashtag #SenseLab.

You can learn more about the Data Sensing Lab here. We’ll also be sharing live updates from the Data Sensing Lab Google+ Page and on Twitter.

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