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Thunderheads: July 2011

Project Log
— Internet-Enabled Arduino —
For this demo I wanted to show how easy it is to modify an existing Arduino project to receive serial commands through a mobile web application usingXBee® ZB modules and the iDigi® Device Cloud™. About the Author —
Mark Geller is an iDigi Application Developer. He has several years’ experience in programming and application development.

Parts List

  • 1 Arduino board
  • 5-8 LEDs
  • 5 220 ohm resistors
  • 1 breadboard
  • 1 XBee breakout board with headers
  • 1 XBee ZB OEM module
  • ConnectPort® X4 gateway
    (or ConnectPort® X2)
  • hook-up wire


Getting Started
I approach most iDigi projects by breaking them down into four milestones:

  • XBee-enable a remote device
  • Configure iDigi® Dia to talk to remote device
  • Use iDigi web services to talk to remote device
  • Build website that uses iDigi web services to talk to remote device

I do quick system checks at each milestone to make sure that everything is working as expected.

Thunderheads: June 2011

iDigi Expertise from a Solutions Architect
— Hometown Boy Makes Good —

About iDigi Thunderheads
Welcome to the second issue of iDigi® Thunderheads, the monthly technology bulletin from the iDigi Solutions Architecture team. This month we’ll be looking at some of the interesting ways people are using wireless technology and device cloud networking.

This newsletter is intended to provide you with the latest news and information about the iDigi® Device Cloud™ and related technology. If you have a story request or questions, please feel free to contact us at thunderheads@digi.com.

Meet the Author & Architect
My name is Jordan Husney. I am a Solutions Architect at Digi International® and one of the founders of Digi’s worldwide team of Solutions Architects.

Some might say that I didn’t get very far in life, and by far I mean far from home. You see, home for me is Minnetonka, Minnesota, where I was born and raised and the same city as Digi’s corporate headquarters. My history with Digi goes all the way back to Minnetonka High School and a project I submitted to a local science fair.

I was born a nerd. I preferred amateur radio and computer programming to school dances and football games, so for my project I stuck with what I had been geeking-out on. I presented a system for transferring files securely and efficiently over a multi-hop long distance wireless link. This was in 1995, before the explosion of data-over-wireless. Much to my surprise I received a tremendous amount of recognition for the project and was given the honor of representing the United States at the International Science and Engineering Fair in exotic Hamilton, Ontario.

Along the way (and fatefully) I received an academic award from Digi International. After the presentation of the Digi award a representative from the company gave me his card and jokingly remarked, “if you ever want a job kid, give me a call.” I was bagging groceries in a supermarket, so I didn’t hesitate. I told him I’d do anything from cleaning the labs to helping to sort the mail! Luckily for me my phone call and persistence turned into a summer internship and the internship turned into a career. I can’t believe it’s been more than 16 years since that phone call!

The Fun Never Stops
— Using the Technology for Cool Projects —

Over the years I’ve been able to take part in many different projects at Digi. I am particularly proud of my work architecting our ZigBee gateways and the Python based iDigi® Dia development framework. A great perk of the job is seeing some cool ways your technology is used and meeting some fantastic people.

Thunderheads: May 2011

Welcome to Thunderheads
— News & Knowledge from the iDigi Solutions Architecture Team —

Monthly iDigi Information
Thunderheads is a personal communiqué from the iDigi Solutions Architecture team. This monthly bulletin will offer technology updates and implementation advice for end-to-end device networks using the iDigi® Device Cloud™.

Troy, the Author
My name is Troy Whitney, and I’m the latest addition to the Solution Architecture team at Digi International®. You’ve been included in our first monthly edition either because you are a user of the free iDigi Developer Cloud or because you have expressed an interest to learn more about iDigi.

I joined the iDigi team earlier this year after six years as a Consulting Systems Engineer for Cisco Systems. Prior to Cisco, I worked as an avionics and flight test engineer at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Texas where one of my claims to fame included racking up over 12 hours of zero gravity on NASA’s Weightless Wonder training aircraft (a.k.a. the Vomit Comet). Barf bags and flight suits behind me now, the career transition to networking – and specifically device cloud networking – has been an exciting one. I look forward to hearing from each of you and helping to get your device networks “off the ground.”

And now that introductions are out of the way, let’s talk iDigi!

Contact a Digi expert and get started today! CONTACT US

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