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Look at What I Made: New XBee Projects

We come across amazing XBee projects every day, so we wanted to remind you that we’re constantly updating the XBee Project Gallery. Here’s just a few of the latest additions.

XBee Piano
This project was built by a team of students as a part of Duke University’s first hackathon. The build consists of large pads set on the ground that detect pressure and relay signals to the computer. Attached to the a computer is an Arduino Uno with an XBee. Click here to learn more about the piano.

Social Synapses
Inspired by the co-reliance that enables students to push their intellectual boundaries, Alexandra Olivier and Andrew Reiter created an interactive installation, “Social Synapses”, in the science center of Wellesley College. Get more information about ‘Social Synapses’ here.

Multi-Robot Formations
Multi-Robot Formation Control by self-made robots. The robot formation responds to the users shape drawn on a tablet. Robots are controlled by wireless communication with XBee and Arduino FIO. You can read more here.

Have a project you’d like to be featured? Let us know in the comments below or Tweet us at @XBeeWireless. We also tweet about projects and XBee news and updates every day, follow us to see the latest and greatest!

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