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Look at What I Made: New XBee Projects

We come across amazing XBee projects every day, so we wanted to remind you that we’re constantly updating the XBee Project Gallery. Here’s just a few of the latest additions.

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An affordable and open source wireless platform for remote monitoring of farming operations. Farmers can monitor weather patterns, humidity, soil moisture and more. The open source hardware enables farmers to customize the system to fit their exact needs. Read more here.

Clyde is a lamp that comes with a number of personalities. Depending on its personality, Clyde will responds to its environment  such as when the room goes dark or the time of day. See more about Clyde here.

Beverage Serving Robot
We met Andy and his beverage serving robot and last week’s Maker Faire in New York. This robot is able to solicit drink orders and dispense a cold beverage to the customers. Definitely a worthwhile summertime companion. Read more about the robot here.

Have a project you’d like to be featured? Let us know in the comments below or Tweet us at@XBeeWireless. We also tweet about projects and XBee news and updates every day, follow us to see the latest and greatest!

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