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Look What I Made: XBee Project Updates

We come across amazing XBee projects every day, so we wanted to remind you that we’re constantly updating the XBee Project Gallery. Here’s just a few of the latest additions– from a robotic arm that can be controlled remotely to a fleet of four vehicles that drive themselves.

You can also check out our XBee Project Pinboard that includes all of the projects from the XBee Project Gallery.


A Remote Controlled Robotic Arm by Easton Lachappelle

Using a pair of XBee’s and an old Nintendo Super Glove, the robotic arm converts the user’s movements into robotic motion.

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Autonomous Vehicles by Team WaspsTeamWasps

Developed by a team of middle schoolers, these four vehicles drive themselves around a course avoiding collisions and navigating through a four way intersection. The team took first place in the Junior Exhibition at RoboFest 2013 World Competition.

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Magnetic Levitation Train by Antipodes


This remote controlled train uses magnets that alternate polarity to power itself along the track.

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Do you have an XBee project you would like featured in the XBee Project Gallery? You can submit your own or someone else’s project here.

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