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Building Sensors with Alasdair Allan using an Arduino and XBees

Building data streaming sensors with Alasdair Allan:

As a part of Make’s Urban Sensor Hack series, Alasdair Allan builds a temperature and humidity sensor live and streams the data to his computer. He carefully walks you through each step of the building process by building a circuit with an Arduino, writing code, and creating a wireless connection with a Digi XBee. If you’re just starting out or interested in making your own sensor network, this is a perfect video to help you take that first step.

Urban Sensor Hack

Make’s Urban Sensor Hack series sets out to bring makers together to discuss how to set up your own sensor networks.  The series takes place over Google Hangouts until October 15 and features some amazing makers such as Alasdair Allan, Kipp Bradford, Sean Montgomery, and many more. This is a great resource of information as you build your own sensor networks and search for creative uses for sensor data.

More videos to come from Make’s Urban Sensor Hack series, so stay tuned and check out the upcoming schedule.

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