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XCTU Sneak Peek & Sign Up

Get a sneak peek of the brand new version of Digi’s XCTU! It’s the official tool to configure and test your XBee radios, as well as other Digi devices. Sign up below for the New XCTU beta version download. This version is completely redesigned from the ground up with:

  • fresh new user interface
  • expanded discovery options
  • automatic device recovery feature
  • local and remote radio management
  • API frame generator and interpreter
  • automatic updates with more features on the way!

Check out these screen shots for a sneak peek and sign up below to download the Beta version of the New XCTU.

Here are download links for the Beta version of XCTU (6.0.0)

XCTU for Windows

XCTU for Mac OS X

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6 Responses

  1. BigCol says:

    Subscribed and validated yet still no Beta link !!

  2. Jiri Gutman says:

    I received link via email

  3. John says:

    Are you kidding me? No link?

  4. jongray says:

    There is a link on the site now. 40003026_1P(1). It doesn’t work, but the link will download 126 MB, & look like the opening screenshot.

  5. olivier says:

    Hello, On mac OS 6 (snow leopard) I can not use it because always error message of timeout.

  6. 210jrd . says:

    Anyone know how to name an Xbee divide where the name is listed at the top on the left panel on the new XCTU, which is fantastic BTW