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The Ultimate XBee iDigi Project: Connecting Light on Hadrian’s Wall in Celebration of the London 2012 Olympics

We’re excited to announce our participation in a major art installation for the London 2012 Festival in celebration of the 2012 Olympics. If you took part in the XBee Knowledge Forum last week, you may have heard our brief (and sly) mention of a special project. Now, we’re ready to tell the rest of the world. New York based artists YesYesNo, including Zachary Lieberman and Molmol Kuo, are creating “Connecting Light” an art installation that will span the length of 73 mile-long Hadrian’s Wall across the north of England, one of the most significant structures of the Roman Empire. The art installation, which will reach local, national and international audiences will take place August 31-September 1.

Using a series of tethered balloons lit by internal LED lights, the installation will become a line of pulsating colors. The changing colors will use the iDigi Device Cloud along with over 400 Digi Programmable XBees (video) and around 20 ConnectPort X4 gateways to respond to text messages sent across the wall by audience members. As the London Festival put it, these interactions will “transform what was once a protective border into a line of communication.”

The installation will be visible in the evening and accessible to visitors at several locations along the wall. No need to worry if you don’t plan on traveling to London. Connecting Light will be viewable remotely all over the world through digital media. Messages sent across the wall can be seen on smartphones, iPads and tablets and detailed information will be available at a number of visitor sites along Hadrian’s wall and on Websites including our own.

The installation is currently being prototyped by YesYesNo with Digi team members, Rob Faludi and Jordan Husney, who were there to help setup a prototype last week. This is the first sneak peak of the project– enjoy!

Want to learn more? Here’s a great article about Connecting Light. You can also learn more on the Hadrian’s Wall Trust’s page and the London 2012 Festival’s page for the project. We’ll be sharing continuous updates here on the iDigi blog.

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  1. Maggie Stack says:

    How cool! Super excited to follow the progress/project.