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We’ll be giving away XBee Internet Gateway Kits at Maker Faire New York. They come with an XBee XStick 802.15.4, a USB stick with the software and a glamorous XBee skills badge. Even if you aren’t on hand to get a kit, here’s some information and free downloads to will help get you started with XIG:

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  1. Sindono Labs says:

    Wow, that’s quite a nice promotion! I would *love* to have a go with the XIG kit after setting up 2 Xbee’s to monitor and control a greenhouse (http://www.sindono.com/stacking-an-arduino-ethernet-shield-and-an-xbee-shield/) , but since I am located in Holland, I can’t attend the Maker Faire in New York (although I am in NYC in october). Any chance there is an arduino-version/port for the XIG to have a go?