Digi Fleet for OEMs

The Digi Fleet Management Solution provides OEMs a well-tested, reliable platform for developing fleet/telematics products and applications. Digi’s products are small, compact and highly integrated, providing OEMs many options for product placement and installation. All of the major software elements (drivers, wireless configuration, user interface, vehicle/engine bus interfaces, management/monitoring/control, APIs, Python) are built into the products, so you have a well-tested, reliable platform on which to build your solution.

The iDigi Platform provides scalable management of millions of devices. The platform offers device status monitoring, device statistics, scalable remote configuration, firmware upgrades, application upgrades, device resetting, network traces and logging. iDigi also provides device to application data integration services to  integrate your telematics devices to fleet management applications using standard web services.

Key benefits of the Digi Fleet Management Solution for OEMs include:

Rugged Design, Certifications

  • Broad operating temperature ranges
  • IP67 rugged enclosures
  • SAE 1455 certifications

Quality Manufacturing

  • ISO 9001 certified
  • 25 years of experience providing OEM solutions to some of the world’s largest corporations
  • 8 years of volume manufacturing of high-quality wireless products and components
  • Global Supply Chain management group ensures product availability to meet our OEM customers’ forecasts and world class engineering tools, testing facilities, and instrumentation

Digi’s Global Reach

  • Worldwide operations
  • Experience with worldwide certification processes
  • Experience helping major OEMs to deploy telematics products globally

Best-in-Class Multi-Nodal Wireless Technologies

  • Ensure coverage and network availability with cellular, satellite and Wi-Fi for WAN communications
  • Support broad range of cellular options – 2G, 3G, GSM, CDMA
  • Gobi-based products offer global cellular coverage from a single SKU
  • Intelligent, configurable and programmable – provide most economical and efficient communications path for application data

The Ability to Customize

  • Design services available through Digi subsidiary Spectrum Design Solutions
  • 40 wireless engineers specializing in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, RF design, certifications and homologation, embedded programming and applications porting

Customer Support

  • Major account management and support team
  • Global supply chain management group ensures product availability to meet our OEM customers' forecasts
  • World class engineering tools, testing facilities and instrumentation
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