Digi Energy Ecosystem

Digi offers simple, end-to-end, communication solutions for remote monitoring and management of deployed solar and wind assets. Digi’s broad array of wired and wireless communication products means that you can provide a solution for residential and commercial deployments as well as industrial, utility-grade deployments of solar power arrays and wind turbines.

Digi Renewable Energy solutions help companies offer simple tools to their customers, promoting effective management and monitoring of solar and wind energy assets. Digi offers end-to-end, fully customizable wireless hardware, a software platform and services that can be used to create and deploy secure, highly scalable and flexible monitoring solutions with unprecedented speed.

Digi Renewable Energy Solutions include:

  • Digi's line of wired and wireless communication hardware: gateways, ZigBee modules and ZigBee adapters
  • The Device Cloud platform, which provides management, messaging and storage services to connect remote assets and enterprise applications
  • Long Range wireless asset connectivity solutions: XTend and XPress Ethernet Bridge
  • Device Cloud DIA device connection software, available for Digi gateway products
  • Device Cloud application partners, with ready-to-implement renewables management applications
  • Examples to jump-start your own application initiatives
  • Digi Professional Services for device and solution design, deployment planning, integration and optimization

Getting started with Digi Renewable Energy Solutions is easy, and the impact is immediate. Contact Digi to discuss your project.

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