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Digi Cellular Products Featuring Gobi™
Digi cellular routers and gateways feature a unique cellular technology called Gobi™ by Qualcomm®.

The Internet of Things
Addressing the challenges of managing the 100 billion M2M-enabled devices shipping globally each year.

The iDigi® Telehealth Application Kit
Including the Freescale™ Home Health Hub Reference Design

Industry's First Commercial Grade 4G WiMAX Routers
Sprint® and CLEAR® Certified.

Drop-in Networking
Learn more about Drop-in Networking, including how to become a Drop-in Networking partner, how Drop-in Networking applications work, and customer testimonials.

XBee® Wireless RF Modules
The XBee product family is a series of modular products that make deploying wireless technology easy and cost-effective.

2.4 GHz and 900 MHz RF Products Overview
Mesh and point-to-multi point product solutions from Digi International.

Choosing a Radio Modem
Several power output and interfacing options (RS-232, RS-485, USB, etc.) are available.

RF Applications
The following sections provide more detail on the breadth of applications enhanced by integrating Digi radio modems and OEM modules.

RF Feature Articles
Get greater insight into how RF communications work and some of the applications that have adopted Digi's wireless communications solutions.

RF Frequently Asked Questions
Digi's John Schwartz answers your RF questions.

Wireless White Papers
These technical white papers explore existing and emerging wireless technologies and how Digi products integrate within these environments.

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