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Add Serial Ports to a PC via USB

While there are numerous nationwide convenience stores throughout the United States, small, family owned stores also flourish. These smaller stores often cannot justify the expense of sophisticated, pre-packaged retail systems, so finding lower cost alternatives is a common concern.

A small convenience store chain needed to replace its outdated POS systems while protecting its investment in application software and peripheral devices. Each location required two POS stations in the front of the store, and a third PC acting as a server in the back office. The company wanted to build the checkout terminals from the ground up using low-cost PCs and its existing peripheral devices instead of expensive, preconfigured retail systems. They also wanted to have the flexibility to add or remove peripheral devices as connectivity needs changed, without onsite IT support. Finally, they required the ability to easily disconnect devices and move one of the PCs from the store into the back office should the server fail.

Since the new PCs they purchased did not have serial ports, they needed an easy I/O expansion solution to connect a receipt printer, bar-code scanner, credit card reader and pole display at each checkout. The Edgeport®/4 USB-to-serial converter made it easy to add serial ports to the PCs, enabling the convenience store to create a low-cost retail system. The Plug and Play solution connected to one of the PC’s onboard USB ports, adding four serial ports in minutes. Should the server in the back office go down, moving one of the PCs from the store floor is easy, since disconnecting all the peripheral devices is just a matter of unplugging the Edgeport/4.

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Add serial ports to a PC in minutes to easily connect POS devices like barcode scanners, receipt printers, pole display and credit card readers

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