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Cellular Backup for Security Systems

Intrusion detection systems can provide instant notification of a building break-in, but what happens if the telephone line linking the system to the central monitoring station goes down? The security monitoring company will not be instantly notified of the disruption, and a robbery can occur. An intrusion detection company wanted to implement a backup to the primary telephone lines that would not be susceptible to disruption from weather or interference from intruders.

The Digi Connect WAN 3G is a high speed upgradeable HSDPA/EV-DO Rev. A Wireless WAN cellular router with integrated VPN. It creates a fail-safe communication path from the intrusion detection system to the central monitoring station via GSM or CDMA cellular data networks. Since there is no physical line to cut, the Digi Connect WAN 3G is always available to report intrusions to the central station if the primary line is damaged or disabled. The security company is also able to connect to Ethernet-based cameras over high speed cellular to get a visual status of the premises.

  • Cellular solution provides reliable backup and uninterrupted communications if an intrusion occurs
  • Cost-effective cellular rate plans enable company to pay only for the airtime used instead of leasing a dedicated backup telephone line
  • High-speed broadband network connection also allows for visual status updates via Ethernet-attached cameras

With the Digi Connect WAN 3G, the intrusion detection company has an easy-to-deploy, cost-effective and reliable backup system, which will provide uninterrupted communications with security systems in the field.

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Creating a cellular backup for intrusion detection systems

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