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Collect Real-Time Traffic Data

Getting from point A to point B is not always as easy as planned. In a world of ever-increasing traffic, information is key. Both commuters and transportation agencies can take advantage of the benefits provided by traffic information systems.

The national transportation agency of a Central European country wanted to provide real-time traffic information on the most important inter-urban arterial routes throughout the country. In the past, information about traffic conditions on these routes was primarily relayed by local authorities or obtained through video surveillance of vital intersections and passages. By the time the information was centrally consolidated and distributed, it often turned out to be incomplete or outdated. In other words, the established process was too time-consuming, slow and inefficient for a real-time traffic information and management system.

The PortServer® TS H MEI device server network-enabled loop detectors and environmental sensors by connecting them to the existing underground fiber network along the roads. This significantly improved the accuracy of traffic status and environmental data and allowed better management of local and national traffic flow. It also enabled the transportation agency to provide access to the traffic information on its website. This allows the public to look at traffic volumes, estimated travel times, and traffic volume forecasts, in order to plan trips and avoid traffic hot spots – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Gathering real-time traffic information for efficient traffic management

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Distribute traffic and road condition data to optimize travel and improve traffic flow management

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