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Connect Devices in Combustible Locations

A grain elevator is a building or a group of buildings used for the storage and shipment of grain. Large amounts of dust and uncontrolled temperatures make these facilities extremely combustible, volatile environments.

A grain distributor wanted to automate its process for measuring grain levels and moving product to and from the elevators. They needed to collect data from level sensors and a conveyor system, but the product must meet strict safety requirements, with no chance of causing a spark that could ignite a fire. Automating this process would improve efficiency and minimize the amount of time employees must spend in the hazardous environment.

The Digi One® IAP Haz proved to be a perfect solution for this grain distributor’s challenge. It is a serial server designed for use in applications requiring extended safety features and operating tolerances. The Digi One IAP Haz is installed inside a NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturer's Association) cabinet. It connects to the serial ports of the level sensor and conveyor motor controller and sends data to a PC at a remote office for easy monitoring. Key features for this application include:

  • Class 1, Division 2 certification meets safety requirements for flammable environments
  • Conformal coated circuit board protects the product from dust
  • Hardened temperature range of -35° C to 74° C enables the product to withstand the uncontrolled environmental conditions
  • Automation improves efficiency and minimizes time employees have to spend in hazardous environment
  • Easy installation and maintenance – technical expertise not required

The Digi One IAP Haz meets the strict safety requirements of this grain distributor’s application. It provides an easy, reliable way to automate data collection and remotely monitor inventory levels inside the grain elevators.

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Automating data collection from devices inside grain elevators

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Use a serial server with extended safety features to remotely monitor and collect data from equipment in volatile, combustible environments

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