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Connect Smart Card Readers via Cellular

A smart card is similar to a credit card or debit card in look and feel, but it utilizes an embedded microprocessor rather than a magnetic stripe for data transmission. Smart cards are considered more secure than credit cards since specialized equipment is required to read, change or delete their data. In countries where smart cards are prevalent, smart card readers are used in Point-of-Sale (POS) stations for transaction processing.

An international POS system integrator was looking for a new way to connect smart card readers in a retail installation. Traditionally, each smart card reader requires a separate phone line to dial into the central processing office. Deployment is difficult, because phone lines must be ordered in advance and the customer must wait for them to be delivered and installed by the phone company. This also makes it difficult to move or add POS stations, which is necessary in a dynamic retail environment. Finally, maintaining costs associated with dedicated phone lines is expensive.

The Digi Connect WAN VPN, a wireless Virtual Private Network (VPN) router, offers an easy way to connect multiple smart card readers using a single cellular (CDMA) connection. Each smart card reader is networked through an Ethernet switch; the switch is connected to the Digi Connect WAN VPN. The readers share a single cellular connection, eliminating dedicated phone lines for each device and increasing overall scalability.

Key benefits of utilizing the Digi Connect WAN VPN for this POS application include:

  • Quick and easy deployment utilizing existing IP infrastructure
  • Multiple POS terminal share one CDMA communication line
  • Cost-effective cellular rate plans enable retailer to pay only for airtime used
  • End-to-end IPsec encryption ensures secure wireless transactions
  • Digi SureLink™ technology maintains “always-on” connections over unpredictable networks
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