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Connect to Remote Sites via Cellular

One of the largest and fastest growing electric utility companies in the U.S. had been using a wireless analog technology called Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD) for its wireless backup connection for years. When their wireless service provider announced plans to discontinue its CDPD service, this electric utility company needed a reliable and affordable replacement.

Digi offered the customer a revolutionary solution to replace the CDPD technology with a high-speed wireless data connection. At the substation, the Digi Connect® WAN IA interfaces with the customer's Cisco router via its Ethernet WAN port to provide a truly diverse backup network connection via GSM or CDMA cellular networks. When the primary wired line connection goes down, the Digi solution will kick in. Key features include:

  • Supports GSM and CDMA cellular networks, which provide potentially much faster data rates than a dedicated 56K connection
  • Industrial feature set: DIN rail mounting kit, Class 1, Div 2 rating, terminal block for power and Modbus to Modbus/TCP protocol conversion
  • Digi SureLink™ technology provides an “always-on” connection that can keep the session alive, without using expensive airtime

The Digi Connect WAN IA is also a cost-effective alternative to wired network infrastructures. The customer now utilizes a data usage service plan offered by its wireless service provider. Instead of paying up to $30 per month per location for dedicated backup phone lines, they now only pay for the data transferred each month. This immediately lowered the total cost of ownership of the backup system.

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