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Control Access to Secure Patient Information

In medical environments, HIPAA regulations make it imperative to protect confidential patient information. Logging into the network and individual programs using traditional methods can leave medical institutions vulnerable to security issues. Passwords are often shared, tokens and badges can be shared and lost, and fingerprint or retinal scanners lack continuous authentication. Facial recognition software is a secure alternative to traditional log-in methods.

Digi's Watchport/FastAccess solution is being used by a medical practice as a reliable alternative to keying in authentication information multiple times during a session. In a medical office, doctors and nurses often take turns using a computer during patient care. Watchport/FastAccess, which consists of Digi's high-performance USB camera and advanced biometric facial recognition software, allows medical staff to go back and forth without log-ins while preserving their unique sessions and maintaining user security.

When a computer is equipped with Watchport/FastAccess, the system suspends whenever the user walks away from the monitor. When the user returns, Watchport/FastAccess recognizes him again, the program unlocks, and the user can pick up where he left off. This eliminates the tedious process of re-entering a user name and password multiple times during a session. It also eliminates the security threat called "tailgating," which occurs when someone forgets to log out of an application, allowing an unauthorized user to gain access.

Watchport/FastAccess offers the following benefits to this medical practice:

  • Instant facial recognition – no passwords, cards or tokens required
  • Automatic computer suspend when user steps away – prevents "tailgating" and addresses HIPAA requirements
  • Continuous authentication
  • Easy to install and use with a standard PC or laptop

With its patent-pending advanced facial recognition technology, Watchport/FastAccess provides quick and seamless computer access to authorized users, while transparently securing the data and device as soon as the user steps out of view.

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Controlling access to secure patient information to meet HIPAA requirements

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