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Convert Energy Management Panels to Ethernet

In an effort to proactively manage energy consumption, many states in the U.S. offer financial incentives to businesses and residential customers who participate in energy curtailment (reduction) programs. These programs require reduced energy consumption during peak usage hours. Utility companies often hire third-party energy curtailment companies to handle this load management function. Time is money, so these companies rely on up-to-the-minute energy consumption data to send out curtailment commands to participating locations.

A leading energy curtailment company in the U.S. wanted to find a way to easily interface with energy management panels at remote customer sites. In the past, the company had to use dial-up phone lines to get energy statistics and send commands to the energy panels. They would then dial-in to the panels to send commands and in turn reduce the current to lights and other energy consuming devices. The success of a load management program is dependent upon reacting to information in a timely manner, but this dial-up system was not always available.

The Digi OneĀ® SP offered a simple solution for networking the energy management panels at customer sites. This high-performance device server, which is small enough to fit inside a panel enclosure, connects via serial port to the panel. The Digi One SP is then connected to the Wide Area Network (WAN) via a switch. Now, when the curtailment company receives a request from the utility provider to reduce power consumption, they can quickly send the appropriate command to the remote location. The Digi One SP improved load response efforts by reducing dial-up phone lines, delivering more timely data and enabling immediate command execution.

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Converting energy management panels to Ethernet

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