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Create Affordable ID Badging Systems

Photo ID badging has gained popularity in recent years as an effective means of identification in environments ranging from medical facilities to office buildings to factories to prisons. The technology can be used not only to control building access, but also to track time and attendance or even to record transactions at a company cafeteria.

A developer of access control hardware and software offered its customers a photo ID badging software module as an add-on solution.  However, the typical camera and video capture card systems required to use this type of software are expensive (usually $900 or more), and proved to be a barrier to entry for many customers. The manufacturer wanted to find a cost-effective alternative to these cameras so that their customers would be compelled to implement the photo ID badging software.

The manufacturer tested its application software with the Watchport® USB camera and was pleased with several key features.

  • Exceptional low light sensitivity (less than one lux) enables the camera to automatically adjust to varying light conditions and skin tones, enabling a high volume of photos to be taken in a short period of time.
  • Compliant with TWAIN, an image capture application programming interface (API) between the image processing software and the camera, which means easy integration into the application.
  • Affordable option for badging software, with a list price of only $199.00 USD.
  • Enterprise grade solution, which means it is not going to be discontinued and replaced with a new model in the near future - once the Watchport camera is tested and certified, it will be available for the application indefinitely.

With the Watchport USB camera, this manufacturer’s customers have a cost-effective, high-performance alternative to traditional camera and video capture card systems for photo ID badging.

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Finding an affordable camera to use with photo ID badging software

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