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Create Interactive Kiosks with Distance Sensors

Given the number of posters, flyers and other advertisements inside a shopping mall, catching the attention of a shopper can be tricky. An interactive kiosk manufacturer found a way to do just that with its 3D multimedia kiosks.

The manufacturer develops interactive kiosks that are placed in outlet malls throughout the United States. These kiosks provide general store information, print coupons and even collect market research data for mall owners. The video and audio output is designed to activate when a shopper is detected near the kiosk, offering a message to attract passersby. The event triggering device inside the first generation kiosks proved to be difficult to install and use, and was also priced higher than the manufacturer could support moving forward.

The kiosk manufacturer tested the Watchport®/D, a USB-attached distance sensor. It utilizes the easy Plug and Play installation inherent to USB connectivity, and is easy to integrate into an existing application. The sensor has built-in functionality to enable a video monitor to activate when a person is detected within an adjustable range of up to five feet of the kiosk. Using the Watchport/D sensor’s Application Program Interface (API), the kiosk manufacturer was able to write its own software program that also activated the audio portion of the application.

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Creating interactive kiosks triggered by user distance

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