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Design Energy Meters with Embedded Networking

A leading energy meter manufacturer in the U.S. turned to Digi to find a way to quickly and easily add Ethernet connectivity to an existing meter design. The embedded solution needed to be compact, temperature hardened and have high electrical immunity.

The Digi Connect® ME embedded device server seamlessly integrated into the "under the glass" design of this energy meter. It provides Ethernet-enabled connectivity, without the complexities of extensive hardware and software integration. Built on leading Digi 32-bit ARM technology, the Digi Connect ME also meets the three key requirements for this customer’s project:

  • Offers one of the smallest embedded form factors available
  • Withstands extreme temperatures
  • Carries ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) certifications, ensuring immunity to electrical interference

Not only were the manufacturer’s immediate needs met with the  Digi Connect ME, it now has a future-proof solution to offer customers. If a utility customer requires simple networking, the Digi Connect ME Integration Kit with plug-and-play firmware is the right fit. If another customer site requires completely customizable embedded solution with web pages, for example, they can utilize the Digi Connect ME Development Kit for custom applications. If a customer chooses to migrate to wireless, the Digi Connect ME is pin-compatible and interchangeable with the wireless Digi Connect Wi-ME – an industry first. All of these scenarios were made possible by just one new board layout, saving money and reducing time-to-market.

Digi delivered versatile embedded networking with the Digi Connect ME and provided the meter manufacturer a migration path to keep pace with ever-evolving networking technology.

Adding embedded network connectivity to an energy meter design

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