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Digi Solution Reduces Labour Costs and Increases Efficiency in the Cool Chain

About Logic Ladder
LogicLadder is a dedicated consulting and technology company and Machine-to- Machine (M2M) expert headquartered in Gurgaon, India. LogicLadder’s customers provide end-to-end hardware and software solutions to help their clients reduce energy and operational costs in energy management systems, logistics chain monitoring, asset performance management and smart services.

Meeting Challenges in the Cool Chain
“Many of our customers operate in complex environments, such as the cool chain,” said Mr. Mayank Chauhan, Chief Executive of LogicLadder. “Therefore it is paramount we use reliable and efficient hardware and software for acquiring data from different type of assets.”

One of LogicLadder’s clients is Parekh Integrated Services Private Limited (PISPL), a leading provider in the field of warehousing, distribution and supply chain solutions. PISPL store and distribute for leading brands in the pharmaceuticals, food and medical implant industries. Many of these products require specific temperature and humidity for storage and shipping. With over 300 distribution and warehousing centers spread across India, PISPL are faced with the challenge of accurately and efficiently maintaining, logging and monitoring product storage environment on a continual basis.

PISPL was experiencing a number of challenges with the system it was using: time wastage due to manual collection and tracking of temperature data; temperature overruns leading to product spoilage; and wasted energy from temperatures being lower than required. PISPL needed to find a real-time solution to solve these problems, while meeting its business objective of reducing operational costs and spoilage and providing smarter services to its customers.

Holistic Hardware and Software Solution
PISPL needed a solution for monitoring both warehouses (fixed assets) and trucks (mobile assets). They needed a mix of Ethernet and GPRS gateways at different location, battery operated temperature sensors and analog adapters for energy meters and other sensors, with the ability to manage their hardware remotely.

Digi’s ConnectPort® X3 and ConnectPort® X5 R gateways work with XBee®- embedded thermometers and energy meters housed in cold storage warehouses and refrigerated transport trucks. Additionally, Device Cloud by Etherios™, Digi’s public cloud platform-as-a-service (Paas), was used to connect to field devices and gateways. Digi provided a big data solution for storing historical data and API for integration with SAP, which also allows analysis to be run on historical data. The solution has been in place for four years.

“We chose Digi because they not only met all of our solution requirements, but we knew they were reliable and could provide complete management of field devices including the local ZigBee network remotely, which also allows PISPL to update firmware and the Python applications remotely,” said Mr. Sandeep Agarwal, COO, PISPL.

Better Results
PIPSL has benefited directly from the new device management solution in terms of employee efficiency gains. The solution has saved vast amounts of employee time through speeding up the temperature data collection across its various facilities. Since the solution’s deployment, PISPL has calculated savings of close to eight months in employee time, which in turn delivers significant operational benefits and ultimately costs savings. Inaccurate temperatures are also a thing of the past, which has completely eliminated food spoilage and wasted energy costs.

“We were able to implement the solution easily and at a small upfront cost. By using Digi’s solution, our employees and customers are now able to monitor their product condition online from anywhere, generate reports and receive automatic alarms over SMS and email when temperatures are about to reach unacceptable levels,” said Mr. Agarwal.

LogicLadder also appreciated Digi’s technical support and use of open technology standards, which gives them the flexibility to offer different options based on their customer’s unique business problems.

Mr. Chauhan concluded, “Digi’s solutions help us to enable our clients to reduce energy and operation costs, and ultimately increase their profits.”
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“Digi’s solutions help us to enable our clients to reduce energy and operation costs and ultimately increase their profits.”

- Mr. Mayank Chauhan, Chief Executive of LogicLadder

Application: Cool Chain

Industry: Fleet

Company: LogicLadder

Challenge: LogicLadder needed to provide its customer PIPSL with a cool chain monitoring solution to ensure proper temperature levels for the transport of highly perishable goods. 

Solution: Digi created an easy-to-implement solution enabling manufacturers to monitor temperature, location and energy utilization to maintain and improve product quality as products move through the supply chain.

More about the Digi Solution
ConnectPort X5 R is a rugged telematics gateway (housed inside transport trucks) that sends Vehicle Area Network (VAN) traffic over IP using a cellular connection. ConnectPort X3 (housed inside warehouses) combines a programmable gateway with an easy-to-use development environment and Device Cloud by Etherios for sensor management and monitoring.

Key Features:
  • In-cab and warehouse-based wireless gateways provide remote connectivity to mobile thermometers and energy meters embedded with XBee modules
  • Device Cloud platform-as-a-service (PaaS) provides secure, economical, scalable deployments
  • Fleet monitoring and warehouse monitoring applications easily integrate with Device Cloud to enable manufacturers to monitor temperature, location and energy utilization in the cool chain
  • Solution delivers reduction in energy/operation costs and product spoilage; increase in efficiency and profits
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