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Eliminate Dedicated PCs from Hospital “Big Boards”

In an effort to increase communication and efficiency, many hospitals have implemented electronic “big boards” in operating rooms, emergency departments and waiting rooms that show where a patient is located through all stages of surgery.

A hospital had a large installment of big boards using standard PCs connected to TVs or large LCD monitors with long VGA cables. The architecture required one PC for every big board display. Displays were blank on number of occasions due to PC failure. The PCs connected to displays needed to be patched frequently, resulting in big board display downtimes. Due to the location of the PCs, physical access was limited and difficult to service.

Digi worked with this hospital to replace the PCs in its current big board architecture with ConnectPort Display zero-clients. Key requirements for the replacement included:

  • Multiple monitors share one single instance of application
  • Show displays that are common across all facilities from a single application location
  • Enable display of real-time applications
  • Enable simultaneous refresh of all similar displays
  • Very low bandwidth - solution should be able to run over MAN/WAN (IP routed)
  • Ultra low maintenance
  • Very small form factor
  • Able to accommodate any screen size (large screen TV to 20” monitors)
  • Easy to manage from a central location
  • Use standard protocols

The ConnectPort Display met all of these key requirements and enabled the hospital to eliminate expensive PCs at display locations. With Display Over IP technology, the hospital can access and monitor display devices over a TCP/IP connection, without a dedicated PC. The solution can be centrally managed using a web browser and uses industry standard VNC (UltraVNC protocol with encryption). The light-weight product draws very little power and has very low heat dissipation.

Even though price was not a key consideration for this project, the hospital is now saving $700 for each instance of PC replacement, not to mention the savings incurred from reduction in IT support and increase in staff efficiency. With the ConnectPort Display, the hospital has a more stable solution and families of patients receive timely, reliable information.

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