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Eliminate PCs from Airline Flight Status Displays

Millions of travelers pass through airports each day, relying on flight status displays to check departures, arrivals and gate assignments. Traditionally, each bank of flight information monitors requires a PC connected to the network in order for the information to be displayed. The PCs require occasional maintenance and have many moving parts that are prone to failure.

By replacing the PC with a ConnectPort™ Display, airlines are able to save money and install a device that connects directly to the network. The ConnectPort Display is a “zero-client” solution that offers several important advantages over a PC:

  • Small physical form factor allows ConnectPort Display to be mounted nearly anywhere, and completely out of sight
  • No moving parts and a simple interface eliminate common problems associated with PCs and reduce potential points of failure
  • Excessive features of a more expensive PC are not even needed to operate the flight displays – ConnectPort Display is more cost-effective
  • Draws less power than a PC, helping to conserve energy
  • Very low heat dissipation (less than 10 watts), allowing the unit to be placed in a small, enclosed space

While airlines are still late, their groups of flight monitors operate more reliably and efficiently using the ConnectPort Display.

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Eliminating expensive, high-maintenance PCs from airline flight status displays

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Replace expensive PCs and reduce potential points of failure in airline flight information monitors using a network-connected “zero-client” solution

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