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Eliminate Power Cords for POS Stations

A department store was preparing to upgrade its POS stations in its stores nationwide. Each system required a variety of POS peripheral devices, some of which were USB-attached and required external power supply bricks. This created a tangled mess of wires, required extra room for the bricks, and also made it difficult to troubleshoot and perform routine maintenance. The retailer had two basic requirements for the upgrade: eliminate external power supply bricks for USB devices and keep upgrade costs to a minimum.

The system integrator suggested a migration to USB PlusPower peripheral devices, since they do not require external power supply bricks even for higher power devices like printers. Since this technology, also known as powered USB, is a relatively new trend in POS, a specialized retail system is usually required to connect the devices. In this case, “specialized” meant beyond budget, so the department store was at a loss as to how they could implement the technology while keeping costs down.

The Hubport® PCI+ enabled the department store to connect the USB PlusPower peripheral devices to a standard, low-cost PC. This four-port card solution was installed, keeping costs of the new retail system to a minimum. The department store was able to migrate to USB PlusPower receipt printers and signature capture devices, eliminating the problematic power supply bricks and instantly saving space. The Hubport/PCI+ also provided an applet that enabled technicians to turn off power to one or all devices, allowing periodic system updates without significant downtime. Implementing the Hubport/PCI+ solution allowed the department store to meet its key requirements in the system upgrade.

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