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Implement Secure Console Management in Data Center

A large statistical agency of the U.S. Federal Government operates a data center that manages hundreds of servers, routers, switches and other storage devices. Equipment uptime is a paramount concern. When the time came to perform a major equipment upgrade, the agency looked for a new console management solution provider who could keep up with the demands of a data center of this size.

The technology provider would need to fulfill several key requirements, including outstanding technical support and a long-term warranty program. From a hardware standpoint, the console management solution must work with existing cabling, provide a high level of security on all ports and easily integrate with existing management software.

The agency tested Digi CM 32, a secure console server with 32 ports. It provides administrators with intelligent, secure and easy access to any network equipment with a serial port, even when the server is unavailable through the network. The unit was installed at the agency’s headquarters, and agency personnel were up and running with the solution the same day. Digi’s Quick Start Guide made training and installation extremely easy – the trainees even questioned why Digi sent a hardcopy manual because configuration was so easy via the web!

Digi’s extensive cabling adapter offering enabled the agency to use all existing cables, regardless of device type. The security requirement was also met. Digi CM family employs Secure Shell (SSH) v2 encryption to keep server access passwords safe from hackers. It also supports all popular SSH clients and offers secure access from any Java-enabled browser. Finally, administrators may perform key console management functions and manage sessions using off-the-shelf tools such as Telnet, SSH, or Digi’s best-in-class Web User Interface built right into the unit.

This government agency felt confident in choosing Digi as their console management technology provider. Not only did Digi CM 32 prove to be reliable and easy to install, but Digi also delivered a strong five-year warranty on all hardware and expert technical support at no additional cost to the agency. After the initial Digi CM 32 was tested, nine more units were added to the data center. Now the agency is looking to standardize on the Digi CM family, with Digi providing quarterly technology updates to help identify other connectivity solutions to simplify their data center operations.

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Problem: Implementing secure console management in large data center

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