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Improving Railway Passenger Convenience

Transit rail systems carry many millions of passengers every day and provide a clean and sustainable alternative means of transportation. Rail transit systems can improve the quality of life for the local community – fewer cars, less congestion, better air quality and reduced accidents are all desired and expected outcomes of a well-run transit system.

The most important factor in attracting passengers is the rider experience, which is a combination of convenience, safety, security and reliable transit times. Transit operators can create a wireless communications hub for vehicle systems and riders using the Digi TransPort® WR44 R. This versatile enterprise class 3G/4G cellular router is designed for rugged on-board train environments and can handle the dynamic WAN connections (with varying speeds and infrequent dropouts) typical of mobile environments.

Key features include:
  • Wi-Fi hotspot to serve passengers with content filtered internet access for laptops and tablets. A click-through splash page can be configured to build the transit agency’s brand and ensure acknowledgment of terms of use.
  • PCI security enables transit agencies to process, store or transmit credit card information for fare collection.
  • Device Manager web-based device management service simplifies network management and enables mass configuration changes / firmware loads and system-wide monitoring.
With the Digi TransPort WR44 R as an essential element of a passenger rail system, transit operators can provide the community with a viable alternative to automobile transportation.
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