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Integrate Asynchronous Industrial Devices with Network

In the semiconductor industry, accuracy is defined in microns. With such a microscopic margin for error, the automated production inspection of silicon wafers is one of the most demanding machine vision applications.

Semiconductor process control systems combine highly accurate optics, precision mechanics, sophisticated image/data analysis software and an array of other measurement controls to automatically identify, measure and classify defects on processed wafers. The results are used to resolve underlying process or equipment issues, and to increase production output and quality.

A leading manufacturer of semiconductor process control systems was designing a next-generation product based entirely on network communication. All vital measurement and control components inside the complex system needed to be tied to the central processor through an internal Ethernet network. The challenge was the cost-efficient and reliable network integration of components that utilize asynchronous interfaces.

The PortServerĀ® TS 4 and the PortServer TS 1 MEI device servers were quickly and seamlessly integrated into the process control system. Advanced serial-to-Ethernet features like RealPortĀ® COM/TTY port redirector software allow applications to communicate transparently with serial devices over an IP network. The device servers allow the manufacturer to deliver the next generation of reliable, network-enabled products, without impacting production time and cost.

Cost-efficient network integration of asynchronous devices

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Ethernet-enable asynchronous serial devices, without impacting production time and cost

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