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IP-Enable Model 170 Traffic Controllers

A Department of Transportation (DOT) had been using Model 170 signal controllers to control intersection traffic for many years. From a functionality standpoint, the signal controllers performed all of the capabilities required by the city’s Traffic Control Center.

The Traffic Control Center recently upgraded their facilities to incorporate an IP based network. They wanted to find an easy and cost-effective way to remotely access their traffic controllers over the network instead of using dial-up modems. This could be accomplished by adding an external serial server to each controller to perform network to serial conversion; however, this solution would require an additional power supply and a spot in the already crowded NEMA cabinet for mounting. Purchasing a new Ethernet-enabled signal controller was cost-prohibitive.

The DOT discovered the new Digi Connect® N2S-170, a serial-to-network plug-in card that IP-enables the existing Model 170 signal controllers. It is form factor compatible with the Model 400 modem cards that were previously used inside the controllers to provide dial-up access from the Traffic Control Center. An easy swap from the modem card to the Digi Connect N2S-170 provided instant Ethernet connectivity.

  • Designed specifically for Model 170 traffic signal controller equipment
  • Easy integration – form factor compatible with existing Model 400 modem cards
  • Fits securely inside traffic controllers without taking up valuable NEMA cabinet space
  • Strong NIST-certified data encryption
  • Expanded operating temperature range (-40° C to 85° C)
  • Seamless network-to-serial conversion via Digi’s patented RealPort® COM/TTY port redirector
  • Easy configuration through web interface

With the Digi Connect N2S-170, the DOT found an easy way to IP-enable its existing traffic controllers without making expensive infrastructure changes. The plug-in solution offers a robust feature set and intelligent device management options that make it a future-proof choice for traffic management and control applications.

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Network-enabling Model 170 traffic signal controllers

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