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IP-Enable Traffic Cameras

Many Departments of Transportation (DOTs) use cameras along the roadways to monitor traffic conditions. Having access to real-time traffic events enables them to help traffic flow as efficiently and safely as possible, and to handle emergencies in a timely manner. When these images are made available to the public, commuters are able to adjust their routes to compensate for delays and other traffic conditions.

A metropolitan DOT wanted to implement an IP-enabled camera system for its Traffic Management Center (TMC) to monitor traffic flow, incidents, and signal timing on roadways and intersections. The images would be uploaded to a website for public viewing. The DOT faced a major challenge: High speed internet connectivity was not available at the planned camera sites. The project budget did not allow for costly trenching to lay networking cable, and the project timetable would not permit the long lead time required to deploy hardwired lines.

Digi’s Digi Connect WAN 3G, the industry’s first upgradeable, commercial-grade 3G cellular router, provides high performance, secure wireless communications over cellular to connect remote sites and devices. The device utilizes global wireless cellular technology (GSM or CDMA) for an easy and cost-effective means of connecting virtually any remote location or device into the corporate IP network. Its unique Digi SureLink™ technology ensures an “always-on” connection for optimized uptime and performance. The Digi Connect WAN 3G also includes Digi Connectware® Manager enterprise software, which enables remote device monitoring. It provides real-time statistics and alerts so that problems can be dealt with instantly, without deploying a technician onsite.

  • Secure wireless WAN connection over high speed cellular network with integrated VPN
  • CDMA EvDO and GSM HSDPA/UMTS support
  • Upgradeable via enclosed PCMCIA or PCI Express modules
  • Affordable data rate plans offer a cost-effective alternative to hardwired systems
  • Operating temperature range of -30° C to +60° C ensures durability in extreme temperatures along the roadways
  • Ability to easily relocate the units temporarily to conduct traffic studies

With the Digi Connect WAN 3G, the DOT was able to quickly and cost-effectively implement camera surveillance along the roadways to improve traffic flow and commuter experiences.

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