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Manage Distributed Customer Sites

Two medical software companies and an internet-based medical information company merged to form a national corporation providing management solutions to individual physicians and small medical practices. With 30 offices scattered throughout the U.S., the new company now provides hardware and software solutions that enable physicians to manage the administrative, financial and clinical sides of their practices – including tracking patient records, patient billing, laboratory reports, insurance payments, Medicare reimbursements and pharmacy records.

Because this new company was formed from three separate companies, the managers, customer service personnel and field technicians discovered they had to manage, troubleshoot and service a bewildering array of hardware at their client sites. However, in a typical installation, they install software on a central server and use terminal servers from a single manufacturer to attach the PCs and printers used by physicians, pharmacists and office support staff.

When Digi took over the account, the first task was to persuade managers at this newly formed company to standardize on Digi’s PortServer TS family, thereby simplifying the installation and maintenance of hardware. The serial-to-Ethernet terminal server solution offered three key advantages over the current solutions. First, it is expandable from one to 32 ports and can handle a single physician’s practice as easily as a small group practice. Second, the dial-in capabilities of PortServer TS allow group practices, where physicians are frequently scattered in different locations in the same building, to form a network using phone lines instead of using difficult-to-install Ethernet connections. This capability is also valuable for remote troubleshooting. Third, by purchasing PortServer TS in quantity, the company is able to realize significant cost-savings over the previous solutions.

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Standardizing on a connectivity solution to manage distributed customer sites

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