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Manage Inventory and Point-of-Sale Checkouts

In the fast moving retail business for movies, music, video games and books, store owners must have not only the most up-to-date product selection on hand, but also a low maintenance, reliable IT infrastructure to manage inventory and run an efficient checkout system. With bookstores and video rental stores on practically every corner, the need to maintain accurate inventory and operate efficient checkout systems is essential to ensure customer satisfaction and build client loyalty.

A major entertainment retailer with 144 locations nationwide needed an IT solution to upgrade its checkout and inventory systems. Reliability and minimum system downtime were key requirements in the system upgrade. The company used a SCO OpenServer platform and needed an easy way to connect the terminals in the checkout lanes and information desks. It was imperative that data transfer between the front and back of store was always in sync, so that inventory was accurate at all times.

The PortServer® TS 16, a terminal server with 16 serial ports, integrated easily into the rack-mounted server in the back office to create an elegant device networking solution. Each terminal in the checkout lanes and at the information desks is connected with EIA-232 serial cables to the PortServer TS 16. The bar-code scanners, credit card readers, receipt printers and other POS peripheral devices are attached directly to the terminals. The new solution simplified not only the checkout software implementation, but also the data transfer since all the information is now multiplexed to a single host connection.

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