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Measuring Tank Levels in a Brewery

Breweries rely on meticulous adherence to a recipe and careful monitoring of the brewing process to create their signature beverages. Accuracy in measuring ingredients and maintaining specific temperature, pressure and mixing times is critical to product consistency and quality.

Tank sensors measuring volume, temperature, pressure, pH levels and other metrics are wirelessly-enabled using Digi’s XBee® ZB modules or XBee ZB adapters. These ZigBee-enabled sensors create a secure, reliable ZigBee mesh network. The ZigBee topology increases a network’s redundancy, ensuring greater reliability.

Data from each tank in the brewery is relayed from the XBee-enabled sensors to a ConnectPort® X2 gateway over an existing Wi-Fi network. Using an on-site broadband connection, this collected information is sent to the Internet-based Digi Device Cloud, where it can be accessed from anywhere in the world using a secure login.

Building simple front-end applications allows the brewery operations staff to receive regular updates via a website, email or SMS to monitor the brewing process and provide real-time alerts when parameters fall outside a pre-determined range.

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Monitoring fluid levels, temperature and pressure in brewery tanks

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