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Migrate Analog Modems to Cellular IP

An electric utility company had been using cellular analog networks to collect usage information from commercial and industrial meters for billing purposes. To prepare for the day when cellular  carriers begin shutting down the analog networks, the company decided to find a way to convert the analog data from the meters’ embedded analog modems to IP-based cellular data.

Digi provided an upgrade path that allows the utility company to retain its existing installed analog meters.

The Digi DialServ™, in conjunction with a Digi Connect cellular gateway, replaces the analog modems. The Digi DialServ connects to the modem port on the meter where the analog modem used to be connected. It acts as a phone line simulator to convert the analog modem data to IP-based cellular data, which is sent over the cellular network via the Digi cellular gateway.

The Digi DialServ solution offers the following benefits:

  • Digi SureLink™ “always-on” connection maintains network communications
  • Investment in existing meters is protected – budgetary dollars can be used elsewhere
  • Devices using Digi DialServ over high speed IP networks often realize much faster transaction time versus slow dial-up modem
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Protect investment in existing utility meters while migrating to IP-based cellular data collection

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