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Migrate Traffic Equipment to TCP/IP

A Traffic Management Center (TMC) is a complex system of traffic devices, networking equipment, phone lines, modems and other equipment – it is the central nervous system of a traffic system. A reseller of traffic management solutions in Latin America wanted to find an easy way to migrate its customer’s network infrastructure to an IP-enabled system, and in the process eliminate expensive multiplexers (MUXes) and modems.

In the customer’s current setup, the TMC sends data out to a satellite building via dedicate phone lines, MUXes and modems. This equipment is connected to a server via Digi C/X multiport serial card host adapters and Digi C/CON concentrators. When the info hits the satellite buildings, it is “demuxed” and sent out to field enclosures and devices via Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) lines. Many of the POTS lines that transmit data to and from the 700 intersections in this company’s traffic grid were being replaced by fiber optic cabling for Ethernet networking. The customer wanted to be able to push IP out to the satellite buildings using a system that is easy to manage and that uses their existing software applications which required COM ports.

By utilizing Ethernet at the TMC, all the traffic management equipment previously located there was moved to the satellite buildings and connected to PortServer® TS 8/16 terminal servers. The eight- and sixteen-port serial-to-Ethernet solutions include Digi’s patented RealPort® technology, which provides full COM port functionality and allowed them to continue using their existing software application. The customer also chose the PortServer TS H MEI hardened device sever to network-enable legacy serial devices inside the cabinet, since it is designed to withstand extended temperatures (35° C to +70° C) common to traffic applications.

As more and more fiber is laid within their network, the customer can push IP out to more of its field devices and eliminate POTS modems inside the satellite buildings. By utilizing Digi’s device servers with RealPort technology, the customer can continue to save time and money by using existing hardware and software.

Migrating existing traffic management equipment to new IP-enabled infrastructure

Now you can...
Increase IP out to more field devices and eliminate POTS modems inside satellite buildings

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