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Monitor and Manage Remote Energy Devices

Recent regulatory changes to the energy industry allow regional grid operators to recruit individual energy consumers to help maintain grid reliability by reducing system demand during peak periods. This is accomplished through demand response programs.

EnerNOC, Inc., the leading provider of demand/price response and demand side management solutions to the commercial and industrial markets in the U.S., helps customers implement demand response programs by installing an EnerNOC Site Server (ESS) at each customer site. The ESS interfaces with the organization’s assets such as meter reading and generator control devices. Reliable communication with the ESS is essential in executing effective demand response solutions.

Customer sites occasionally are located in areas with limited Internet access, making it difficult to communicate with remote servers. The cost and burden of setting up a landline connection for each site is often impractical. EnerNOC needed a cost-effective, reliable solution to monitor and manage its remote assets.

EnerNOC chose the Digi Connect WAN, a wireless gateway that provides IP connectivity to remote sites and devices via high-speed cellular GSM or CDMA networks. Set up is easy—the Digi Connect WAN is attached to the ESS via an Ethernet connection, and an antenna is positioned to pick up the optimum cellular signal. Four key factors affected EnerNOC’s decision to select the Digi Connect WAN solution:

  • Provides a cost-effective, truly diverse alternative to landline data connections
  • Eliminates burden of setting up wireline connections for customers without readily available Internet access
  • Allows easy, wireless monitoring, operation and management of devices 
  • Easy to set up—Digi support and sales teams were responsive and provided the necessary support to get the application up and running quickly

In addition to standard cellular modem communications, the Digi Connect WAN also offers local intelligence with features such as Ethernet-to-cellular routing; firewall; persistent (“always-on”) connections via Digi SureLink™. With the Digi Connect WAN in place, EnerNOC is able to seamlessly monitor and control its remote assets for effective demand response.

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