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Monitor Fitness Center Equipment

Fitness centers make a significant investment in high-performance fitness equipment, such as treadmills, elliptical trainers and stationary bicycles. Studies have shown that exercise equipment use varies by season, equipment location and fitness trends. These usage variations result in unpredictable repair and replacement costs.

In order to expedite repairs and extend the life of the fitness equipment, a chain of fitness centers installed XBee-PRO ZB embedded RF modules into all their treadmills, ellipticals and bicycles. The modules wirelessly communicate data, such as usage hours and malfunctions, back to a centrally located ConnectPort X4 gateway. The gateway transmits the data over an internet connection to the company headquarters.

Using Device Cloud by Etherios™, the information from each piece of equipment is displayed in a customizable format. Access to this information can be open or restricted to as many people or locations as desired and can be based on equipment types. Critical alerts can be sent via email or SMS to notify repair personnel. The data is securely hosted through Device Cloud where it is available around-the-clock.

Because the installation is wireless, fitness equipment can be easily moved throughout a location, allowing staff to control machine usage. Management can monitor equipment wear and repairs at all of their regional locations, making it possible to forecast replacement expenses and compare equipment types and brands against each other.

    Additional benefits of this Drop-in Networking solution include:
  • Wireless mesh network ensures absolute transparency to patrons and employees
  • Secure Device Cloud servers enable access from anywhere at anytime
  • Early identification of malfunctioning equipment ensures minimal equipment downtime and repair cost
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Fitness centers struggle to extend the life of expensive fitness equipment

Now you can...
Monitor equipment usage, anticipate repair and replacement expense, and respond to alerts in real time using a Drop-in Networking solution and Device Cloud by Etherios™.
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