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Monitor Oil Field Equipment with RF Modems

With oil drilling operations taking place in remote, largely unpopulated areas, monitoring equipment spread across a large geographic region can be difficult. Someone must drive to each location to manually monitor critical information such as oil flow, well head pressure and pumpjack operation.

An oil company wanted to find a way to remotely monitor the operation of extracting oil from the ground and transporting it across a pipeline system, without sending personnel on-site. Digi’s XTend-PKG long-range point-to-multipoint RF modem made this remote monitoring possible.

Each oil pumpjack is attached to a Programmable Logic Computer (PLC) equipped with an XTend modem providing wireless serial communications. This enables the company to monitor the drilling, extraction and transport operations remotely. The PLC triggers alarms when certain parameters are met and provides periodic data updates on system status.

The XTend solution:

  • Eliminates the need for more expensive and invasive networks, since it does not rely upon any existing network infrastructure
  • Eliminates the expenses associated with cabling (digging trenches, laying conduit)
  • Reduces on-site visits for monitoring of critical equipment
  • Transmits data up to 40 miles line-of-sight (with high-gain antenna)

The customer is now able to keep tabs on all of the different oil production equipment in the field and be alerted immediately to potentially catastrophic events such as high oil well head pressure or a pipeline leak.

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