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Monitoring Cooking Oil in Restaurants

Restaurants rely on cooking oil and deep fryers for preparing a variety of food. Cooking oil must be carefully monitored to both ensure that the food quality standards are met as well as to address safety and health concerns.

Special sensors monitor cooking oil and alert the restaurant manager when it is time to fill or replace the current batch of cooking oil. Using Digi Drop-in Networking technology connected back to Device Cloud by Etherios™, a single restaurant or a chain of thousands of restaurants can have an intelligent view of cooking oil inventory and maintain brand quality.

By connecting the oil monitoring system sensors to an XBee® adapter, the data from the sensors can be sent wirelessly via ZigBee® to a ConnectPort® X gateway that is then securely connected to the internet. Additional ZigBee-enabled devices such as refrigeration sensors, energy meters, and drive-thru systems can also communicate their status over the same gateway.

The data from the oil monitoring system is then pushed via the IP connection to Device Cloud where restaurant offices and/or cooking oil supply companies can remotely monitor cooking oil quality and inventories. Restaurants may automatically schedule oil exchange deliveries based on real-time data and historical trends.
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Measuring and coordinating the replacement of degraded or depleted cooking oil in restaurants.

Now you can…
More efficiently monitor cooking oil supply and proactively protect brand quality and consumer safety.
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