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Monitoring Fluid Levels at an Automobile Quick Lube Station

Automotive express service centers offer a range of services, such as vehicle inspections, oil changes and refilling/replacing a variety of automotive fluids, such as transmission, differential, brake, steering and more. Providing quality service quickly is the primary focus for these service stations.

In order to maximize their efficiency, increase profitability and maintain their commitment to fast service, large volumes of frequently used fluids are stored on-site in large tanks. It is critical that the shop does not run out any of these automotive fluids. Access to current tank level information enables these service stations to avoid shortages and troubleshoot potential problems.

Wirelessly-enabled ultrasonic sensors deployed into each tank make real-time monitoring of fluid supplies easy. Digi’s XBee® ZB modules provide wireless connectivity to these sensors, creating a secure, reliable ZigBee mesh network. Measurements taken by the sensors are sent from the XBee modules to a Digi ConnectPort® X2 gateway, which sends the collected information to Device Cloud by Etherios™.By connecting to Device Cloud over a secure IP connection a shop manager or an oil distributor can access current tank level information and schedule timely deliveries based upon usage. The service station does not have to rely on manually checking the levels of each tank. Device Cloud can even be configured to send email, SMS or other types of alerts whenever volume levels reach predefined points.

Making critical tank-level information easily accessible ensures that automotive fluid inventory levels are maintained and enables management to identify potential problems such as tank leaks or fluid theft.

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Accurately tracking real-time inventory levels of oil and other automotive fluids.

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View up-to-the-minute tank fluid levels and schedule deliveries before shortages occur.
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