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Network-Enable Point-of-Sale Peripherals

Retailers incur significant costs from the handling and retrieval of credit card receipts. Finding a way to reduce these costs, while protecting themselves against credit card fraud, was a key initiative for this consumer electronics and appliances retailer.

This retailer was scheduled to relocate its checkout terminals to improve the in-store shopping experience. This was the perfect time to upgrade the existing checkout systems to include electronic signature capture devices. These devices would allow the retailer to easily retrieve receipts and the corresponding signatures, thus streamlining transaction processing and minimizing the cost of fraudulent charge-backs. The retailer wanted to perform this upgrade without impacting the existing POS software application investment.

The Digi One® SP device server connected the signature pads to each store’s transaction database simply by utilizing the in-store network. Digi’s patented RealPort® software allows Ethernet connected serial ports to be used in exactly the same way as locally connected serial ports, without any changes to existing application software. This enabled the electronic signature capture devices to be seamlessly integrated into the POS system. This cost-effective and reliable solution protected the existing POS infrastructure, streamlined credit card transactions and increased customer convenience.

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