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Network-Enable Warehouse Printers and Scanners

A warehouse is the heart of any merchandise distribution. The fast and accurate tracking of incoming and outgoing shipments is essential to successfully manage orders and inventory.

In order to streamline the logistics associated with running its merchandise warehouses, this company decided to upgrade the warehouse system. Several overheard scanners were installed at each warehouse location to allow faster and more efficient unloading of delivery trucks using conveyors, virtually eliminating the slow and resource-intensive manual scanning process. The scanned information is then used to automatically print labels, route packages on the conveyors and immediately validate purchase and shipping orders. A key requirement of the project was the easy and seamless network integration of scanners and printers, which were often scattered throughout the large facilities.

The PortServer TS 4 with Digi’s patented RealPort® technology was deployed in each warehouse, connecting up to four different serial devices to the existing order and inventory management system. Scanners and printers were made available on the network, without any changes to existing application software and hardware. The flexibility of Digi device servers proved to be invaluable, allowing the customer to significantly reduce operating costs and function more efficiently.

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Network-connecting printers and scanners that are scattered throughout the warehouse

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Optimize supply chain efficiency by automating delivery and pick-up of warehouse merchandise using Digi's multiport device servers

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