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Network-Enable Wireless Access Control Points

A public museum wanted to network enable access control points at both its existing facility and a new facility across the street, in order to provide control from a single centralized system. The museum operator did not have the time or budget to lay an internal Ethernet infrastructure for security devices or to trench cable from the existing site to the new facility.

All access control points were networked wirelessly using XBee® serial-to-ZigBee adapters and XStream® RF Modems.  A ConnectPort™ X gateway, with the optional cellular module, was installed in the existing building to create a WAN connection to a centralized control point. Data from the access control points is relayed back wirelessly over the self-discovering, self-healing ZigBee mesh network back to the ConnectPort X gateway.

Benefits of this wireless access control solution include:

  • 50% decrease in deployment costs as compared to a wired solution
  • Significant reduction in implementation time
  • XBee adapters with both AC power and long-life batteries provide redundancy during power outages
  • Solution scalability – customer may retroactively incorporate motion and temperature sensing via ZigBee mesh networking for more advanced security and environmental monitoring

This Drop-in Networking solution enabled the museum to add ZigBee wireless networking capability to its access control system, while meeting timeline and budget requirements.

Networking access control panels and aggregating data from multiple locations

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