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Optimize Point-of-Care Testing Process

Hospitals, clinics, and laboratories constantly look for solutions to streamline the patient care process in an effort to increase productivity, reduce billing cycles and improve the quality of care. A leading provider of POC information management systems wanted to optimize its testing process. In the past, test data from instruments like blood glucose meters, pulse oximeters or blood gas meters was recorded manually on patient charts. This manual process was highly inefficient and required nurse’s time – time that could be better spent on greater patient care and monitoring. In addition, sometimes this information didn’t make its way fully into the record systems that drove billing, resulting in a loss of revenue for the hospital.

PortServer® TS 1 MEI, a device server designed for universal, high-performance serial-to-Ethernet connectivity, was selected to network-enable a variety of medical instruments in this POC system. The customer also implemented the ConnectPort® TS 1 W wireless device server, which easily integrates serial devices to an 802.11b/g wireless Ethernet network. It is ideal for use with operating suite medical carts, test labs, medical clinics or any environment where devices are periodically moved or where wired LANs are not feasible. Both devices offer easy configuration through a Web interface and include patented RealPort® technology, which enables existing software applications to run without modification. By networking the equipment, test data is now electronically submitted to the clinical information system immediately after testing.

This automated solution increased the total number of captured charges and improved the coding compliance of patient records. The immediate distribution of the information also led to shorter billing cycles. The integration of Digi device server technology enabled this company to offer a solution that significantly increased productivity and improved quality of patient care.

Optimizing the point-of-care process

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