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Rabbit Helps Keep Building Security at Your Fingertips

Fingerprint technology has become a virtually fail-safe method for personal identification and authentication. Unlike passwords, keys, codes and building access cards, fingerprints are unique and cannot be shared or lost. This makes fingerprint scanning an ideal technology for security and access control. Deltabit Ltd. has developed an application that uses biometric technology and Rabbit’s RCM3700 RabbitCore® to bring a new level of control right to your fingertips.

Deltabit Ltd. located in Finland, is a leader in the biometric security and control industry. The company has built a number of applications that use fingerprint recognition, including their Gatekeeper Pro. This highly sophisticated access control system offers robust features that enhance building security. The system can open doors, register employees who enter or exit a building, calculate working hours, and control alarms systems with one press of the finger. All events are logged and sent through an Ethernet network to a server and database. The TCP/IP connection also allows other devices to be connected to the network for centralized communication for building security.

The advanced features and network connectivity offer plenty of security options. Each person in the system has a profile to which certain restrictions or conditions can be applied. The system can control access to certain areas and log every entry or exit. If the system is tied to an anti-burglary system, the first person to gain entry can deactivate the alarm and the last person to exit can re-activate the system. There is no need to carry any keys or remember codes.

At the heart of the Gatekeeper Pro is the RCM3710 Ethernet enabled RabbitCore. Each access managed door and area has a control unit with an RCM3710. If the network fails or the connection to the server is broken, the control units can operate independently. The RCM3710 logs each event with a time stamp and buffers it into memory, allowing events to be monitored at a later time. During power failures, the battery-backup keeps the real-time clock running.

“The RCM3700 series gave us a quick-to-market solution. Our own electronics are simpler without the Ethernet part. Complete network libraries helped save our development time,” said Hannu Laurikainen of Deltabit Ltd.

Rabbit’s RCM3710 gave Deltabit the edge they needed to quickly develop their application. Dynamic C® and the included sample libraries helped speed the development process. During the development phase, Deltabit seriously considered another company’s controllers. Some of the criteria that led them to Rabbit were price, support and features.

“We used the Internet to find a suitable technology. Good documentation and development tools were important for us. Reasonable price, performance and capacity were our main criteria,” Laurikainen said.

Deltabit’s security application required reliable technology, while maintaining a cost-effective price point due to the number of control units.

“Rabbit modules gave us the possibility to create a high technology, fault tolerant and reliable product with little effort,” said Laurikainen.

Customers like Deltabit Ltd. have taken advantage of the features, versatility and dependability of Rabbit products, enabling them to go to market with successful solutions. Rabbit offers a tried and true solution that customers can easily integrate into their systems.

"The RCM3700 series gave us a quick-to-market solution. Our own electronics are simpler without the Ethernet part. Complete network libraries helped save our development time."

—Hannu Laurikainen, Deltabit Ltd.


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