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Rabbit® RCM5400W Wireless Weighs in with Toledo do Brasil

Toledo do Brasil is a leading manufacturer and marketer of precision instruments for use in laboratory, industrial and food retailing applications. Toledo do Brasil invests continuously in research and development to ensure it is manufacturing the industry’s most innovative scales. The company designs its instruments not only to gather valuable data, but also to facilitate the processing and transfer of this information into customers’ management systems.

To get information into business systems, Toledo do Brasil manufactures network-enabled scales that allow customers to easily access scale data from anywhere an Internet connection is available. However, in many environments, such as at a deli counter in a grocery store, it can be difficult to run Ethernet cables to a scale. To overcome this issue and provide customers increased mobility and ease of installation, Toledo do Brasil decided to Wi-Fi enable its products.

“Wireless provides customers greater flexibility for installation and scale mobility,” said Wagner Perini, engineering manager, Toledo do Brasil. “It can be difficult and costly to run cables to deli counters or other areas in a retail environment. Wireless eliminates the need to physically connect the scale and also provides greater flexibility for placement. Now customers can easily set up and connect their scale anywhere a power source is available.”

To enable the wireless functionality, Toledo do Brasil turned to Rabbit for its RCM5400W Wi-Fi core module. The RabbitCore® RCM5400W provides secure 802.11b/g wireless functionality and control, making it easy for device manufacturers to add Wi-Fi to their products.

RCM5400W Chosen for High-End Security, Ease of Use, Standard Compatibility
Toledo do Brasil previously used Rabbit’s RCM2200 Ethernet core module to network enable its scales and has been working with Rabbit for eight years. The RCM5400W uses the same development environment as the RCM2200, making the transition to wireless extremely easy. It also operates on both the
b and g channels, providing users faster data rates. Toledo do Brasil also liked the high-end security features of the module including WPA2 security.

“We chose the RCM5400W because of its compatibility with the 802.11g standard and its WPA2 security level,” Perini said. “It provides the necessary speed and security our customers demand. We also found the solution to be easy to use and program.”

Toledo do Brasil retail customers also like that Wi-Fi provides standardized communication between equipment. In addition to connecting back to a server, the scale can now communicate over Wi-Fi with other wireless devices such as handheld mobile computers, PDAs and bar code readers. This provides retailers additional efficiencies in managing inventory and pricing.

“We have a strong partnership and Rabbit is interested in developing embedded wireless solutions for our products,” concluded Perini. “A strong relationship will benefit both of our organizations as well as our position against our local and global competitors.”
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“The RCM5400W provides the necessary speed and security our customers demand. We also found the solution to be easy to use and program.”

 - Wagner Perini, engineering manager, Toledo do Brasil

Application: Wireless communication technology in weight measurement devices

Industry: Industrial Automation

Company: Toledo do Brazil

Challenge: Provide data communications for measurement devices in a wide range of environments

Solution: RCM5400W, a Wi-Fi 802.11b/g core module, acts as the main controller and a secure Wi-Fi interface to allow wireless communication of measurement data to databases.

More about RabbitCore® RCM5400W
The RCM5400W offers a unique I/O intensive and secure wireless solution which not only delivers faster data throughput, but also gives users improved control and monitoring capabilities with an embedded web server. The included software libraries such as RabbitWeb™ and Remote Program Update greatly reduce development time and enable remote firmware update from anywhere in the world.

Key Features:
• Rabbit 5000 running at 74 MHz
• 39 digital I/O lines and up to 6
serial ports
• Integrated IEEE 802.11b/g Wi-Fi
• 802.11i security compliance
supporting WPA and WPA2 enterprise authentication
• Wireless web server capability
• Low design risk
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