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RCM3700 Offers the Ultimate Room Service

When traveling abroad, there are times you might be lucky enough to stay in a five-star luxury hotel. You will certainly notice the room is appointed with all kinds of amenities to make your stay as comfortable as possible. On the table you will see a small leatherette folder that contains information on all the room services that are available to you. After being in the room for only a few minutes, you start to feel hungry and decide to call room service. As you look for the number for the front desk, you notice a note stating that a button next to the door will allow you to summon room service. Within 1-2 minutes of pushing the button an attendant is right at your door, prepared to offer personalized attention to your needs. You are surprised by the speed of the service as well as the attendant’s knowledge concerning your preferences. Then you wonder, how does pushing a button do all that? Numag Data Systems Pvt. Ltd. can shed light on this subject.

Luxury hotels depend heavily on customer relations management systems to offer guests the best possible service. Some hotels have implemented systems that offer attendant paging systems. Yet most of the systems employed are disparate and highly inefficient. Knowing the guests’ preferences can quickly facilitate the right service in the shortest amount of time. Some of the most pressing issues with guest relations systems are hardware reliability, corporate systems integration, information convergence, and management reports. Numag Data Systems Pvt. Ltd. directed by Ganeshane Kalmane, based in Bangalore, India, has brought guest relations to a whole new level. Numag Data Systems Pvt. Ltd. successfully implemented the Guest Relations System (GRS) using the Rabbit’s RabbitCore® RCM3700 in one of the top luxury hotels in Bangalore, India.

The GRS system is based upon multilayered information architecture. Each room is equipped with a service request interface which consists of a call button and a status light. Outside of each room there is a corresponding light. Once a guest pushes the button both status lights are illuminated. The room status monitors (RSM) which is connected to the call button sends a message to the central data collectors (CDC) which is where the RCM3700 resides. Each floor has a CDC which is connected to all RSMs on that floor. The RabbitCore® in the CDC handles all the different messages from the floor, capturing time occurrence as well as the type of message. The CDC then sends a message to the GRS PC which has software that tie into numerous systems. Once the GRS PC receives that data, the software pulls all relevant information; the customers’ preferences, the staff schedules, staff assigned to particular rooms, and paging identifiers. The GRS PC connects to the property management systems which has the check in and check out information, and other pertinent information for the staff to know. The GRS PC processes the information and then proceeds to send via wireless messaging to assigned staff that a guest has requested service. Each staff member has a pager that indicates the service has been requested plus the information on the guest is displayed to help the staff better serve guest’s needs. The staff person goes to the room, and presses a button outside the room to indicate a response. The GRS allows 60-120 seconds for a staff person to respond. If there is no response, messages are sent to line managers, if there is still no response, then senior management is notified. Regardless of the situation, Guests will have their service request attended to in a timely manner.

Reporting is a key function to help improve daily operations. Data collected from the RCM3700 is stored on the GRS PC, which routes information to assigned staff. Managers are then able to pull reports from the GRS system to see what areas can be improved. The reports can help management keep complete visibility over customer service, and so take action to correct any problem. The RCM3700 allows for the entire system to perform self-diagnostics so that repairs can be made proactively to ensure service is not interrupted. Numag Data Systems Pvt. Ltd. has implemented this highly successful system allowing the luxury hotel to offer enhanced first-class service.

“The project started off as a solution for a specific customer problem, and then it grew to address several other issues” says Mr. Kalmane. Top luxury hotels have already used similar systems but they were plagued with unreliability, system incompatibility, disjointed systems, and system inefficiencies. Mr. Kalmane indicated that the work being done was aimed to modernize current systems, integrate other systems seamlessly, and to implement a self-diagnostic system. The target customers are individuals working in the hospitality industry, specifically hotels. During the development cycle, Ethernet was a key requirement. Numag looked at MOXA’s RS-232/Ethernet converter as an option but “found the RCM3700 much better and well suited for our application,” as Mr. Kalmane explained. He continued by saying “The most important factor that influenced our decision was Dynamic C. After using the development kit for a short time, we realized that all the capabilities that we wanted to build into the system were completely realizable with less amount of effort.” Mr. Kalmane understood the ease of use and quick development time that Dynamic C has to offer. Mr. Kalmane also pointed out that “the second factor was the ease with which we could interface the RCM3700 to the rest of our system.” Rabbit’s hardware and software integration allowed Numag to develop a solid system to which gave their customers the cutting edge in guest relations service and management. “The system has helped the hotel in achieving high level of guest satisfaction and meeting their own internal standards of providing service to the guests.” - Ganeshane Kalmane

Numag Data System’s GRS has built in flexibility, allowing for other applications such as nurse call stations in the medical field. Mr. Kalmane is happy with Rabbit’s RCM3700 and Dynamic C. Continued efforts are being made to improve upon the GRS system, including more software features. The implementation has been so successful other customers are showing keen interest in the product. Rabbit will continually provide products and services that allow customers to quickly and easily develop applications for a wide range of solutions.

"The most important factor that influenced our decision was Dynamic C®."
—Ganeshane Kalmane, Numag Data Systems Pvt. Ltd.


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